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Our impact

Through our corporate programmes and particularly our programme with Sainsburys we have placed over 1,200 ex-offenders and prison leavers into work. Our success rate is over 80% compared with national employment of only 17% of prison leavers in employment one year after release. 

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Success rate

A Fairer Chances beneficiaries are typically female ex-offenders (50%) and/or those from minority ethnic communities (70%) who have more complex needs or face additional barriers and in aggregate have poorer resettlement outcomes. We have a two in three success rate when it comes to conversion from interview to job offer (this is even higher for our ROTL recruitment) and where we can measure our retention at six months, it is higher than 70%.

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Broader context

The broader context for our work and the reason it is so necessary is that as of January 2023 over 12 million people in the UK have criminal convictions and in a survey 50% of employers stated that they would reject an applicant with a criminal conviction.
Research by the Ministry of Justice shows that being employed significantly reduces the likelihood of a person reoffending by at least 9 percentage points. This is significant as on average over 30% of all people with a conviction will go on to be convicted of another offence within one year and reoffending costs the UK £18 billion a year, alongside significant detrimental impacts on victims of crime and communities.


million people in the UK 

have criminal convictions


of employers would reject

applicants with a conviction

12 million people in the uk with convictions
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