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We guide our employers through the criminal justice system and help them work through the real vs perceived risks of recruiting people with convictions. Our strength is with our deep knowledge of the labour market and particularly of skills and labour shortages in London and the South. Whatever the industry, we can help employers find the right people for their business, be it entry level roles or skilled and professional positions. 


Supporting our employers

Whatever the industry, we can help employers find the right people for their business, be it entry level roles or skilled and professional positions. We support employers through the real verses perceived risk of recruiting people with convictions


When we put our beneficiaries forward for interview they will have proof of right to work, a bank account in their own name and have checked how to travel to the job location. They will have a full understanding of the role and of the company they are interviewing for. This may sound basic, but we are told over and over again by employers that it is these basics requirement that are their biggest barriers when it comes to recruitment.


We make sure our candidates are prepared for the world of work and understand business culture as well as a specific understanding of the industry they are applying to.

We screen, match and prepare all our beneficiaries and offer post-employment support to our clients and just as importantly, to the employers too.

Why work with us

A measure of the success of this approach is our two in three success rate when it comes to employing people with convictions. Our conversion from interview to job offer (this is even higher for our ROTL recruitment) and where we can measure our retention at six months, it is higher than 70%.

Bicycle Workshop

Trusted by employers

Sainsbury has worked with A Fairer Chance on hundreds of vacancies ranging from entry-level general assistants to skilled bakers, counter staff and team leaders.

A Fairer Chance really got inside the business. Attended and assisted at store recruitment events, and worked at senior level to agree on a full risk assessment process for employing both people with convictions in the community and prison.

It’s a two-way street, A Fairer Chance takes our managers to probation and into custody where Sainsbury's staff can see and influence the training delivered. We are actively expanding our work with A Fairer Chance as we see them as a safe pair of hands.

I don't know how we could manage without the women A Fairer Chance sources for us across The Weald. We have used this trusted route way for more than seven years now.

Sainsburys Store Manager,
The Weald

A Fairer Chance cut through the red tape and paperwork to identify and support the people our industry really needs.

Martin Dunn,
& Founder Elite Project Service

I met A Fairer Chance before I even set up Elite Rail Services. Since then A Fairer Chance has helped me recruit many people with convictions to work on rail, some we have trained ourselves and others have been let down by other providers who failed to sponsor them. In the last two years, I have also been able to employ two women on licence. Both started in administration and now one has gone on to complete her trainer training and will be working for me full-time on her imminent release from custody. 


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