About Us

    A Fairer Chance is a new, not for profit social enterprise, formed to provide specialist employment and skills interventions for (ex) offenders and those classed as NEET. A Fairer Chance works in partnership with employers and the welfare to work system placing clients into sustainable employment.  Tapan Baidya and Maggie Walsh previously worked for NOMS, LDA and DWP. They have a track record of developing programs, in partnership with employers that leads to sustainable employment for offenders and other priority groups.

    Under the MOJ/DWP 'Exit to Work' offender, employment focused pilot in London. They established themselves as experts on this agenda and enjoyed the confidence of NOMS as well as JCP in taking forward the notion of well risked assessed offenders moving into sustainable work with supported and supportive employers. Over the course of the pilot; 240 offenders (ex) offenders obtained sustainable employment with over 70 % of those tracked still in employment 6 months later.

    A Fairer Chance are also contracted by Sainsbury’s to deliver all offender related employment routeways and projects through their ‘You Can’ campaign. A Fairer Chance also work in partnership with a number of national employers developing routeways and offering ring fenced job interviews across retail, construction, facilities management and the utilities industries.

    Although only up and running since Sept 2011 A Fairer Chance has already assisted and placed 100 clients into employment across the retail and construction sectors. All the clients are still employed and expected to stay in employment for 12 months plus.

    A Fairer Chance also delivers pre employment intervention for clients centred on job readiness, as well as employer developed accredited/non accredited training leading to interviews and employment. A Fairer Chance also offers workshops on effective employer engagement and caseload management for advisors.

    A Fairer Chance are acknowledged experts in offender employment matters.  They also have substantial experience working with NEETS and those, who for a variety of reasons are furthest away from the labour market.  Adding our experience of private sector recruitment, to the overall offer, A Fairer Chance is well placed to add value to all employers recruitment and CSR requirements.

    Future projects will allow A Fairer Chance and partners to employ ex/offenders and those classed as NEET and develop careers across recruitment, and skills intervention as well as industry led group training models leading to sustainable careers.

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